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The Taxpayers - A Rhythm in the Cages LP

Image of The Taxpayers - A Rhythm in the Cages LP


SPR007 is the first vinyl pressing of one of my favorite punk albums ever from one of the most exciting bands in the galaxy. AWESOME.

Originally released digitally and on CD in 2009 by Quote Unquote and Useless State, this album is a fearless intersection of the personal and political. Complete with fierce shoutalongs, stripped-down ballads, and some well-placed saxophone soloing, "Rhythm" is the bridge between 2007's gleefully haphazard "Exhilarating News" and 2010's hard-hitting "To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal". For me, this record redefines the possibilities of "folk punk", turning a handful of other nearby genres inside out in the process. The constant collision of blues, folk, country, swing, and punk rock gives the songs a volatile unpredictability that matches everything the Taxpayers are about as a band: simultaneously thoughtful and explosive, at once defiant and compassionate. Quote Unquote likens the album to "a party on fire . . . Everyone's about to die, but at least we're all laughin' about it." That sounds about right. Goofpunx 4ever.

This pressing is limited to 500 LPs on 150-gram vinyl, 300 on black and 200 on translucent gold. Translucent Gold option sold out!

Never Getting Warm by The Taxpayers

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