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Hi Ho Silver, Away! - Chore LP

Image of Hi Ho Silver, Away! - Chore LP


"Chore" is the first LP from Hi Ho Silver, Away!, co-released by Secret Pennies and It's Alive Records. Once upon a time, this three-piece began in La Quinta, CA, gradually relocated to Santa Barbara, and has now begun migrating up to Corvallis, OR. With "Chore" the band leaves behind any early traces of folkiness in favor of a candid, driving kind of melodic punk that will suit fans of the Weakerthans and... I don't know, some other bands like that. This is Nathan's band, so we'll let some other nice folks do the talking:

"The real standout of the album as a whole is Hi Ho Silver, Away!’s songwriting and the way the vocals play off the instrumentals. . . . Hi Ho Silver, Away! have a raw, DIY sound that feels rare in this day and age of professional home recording technology." --Dying Scene

"It’s so easy, after hearing thousands of records and writing hundreds of reviews, to feel burnt out on this stuff, on music,so when a record comes along that’s just this wonderful blend of empathy and frustration and catchiness, I take notice and grab on. Chore’s definitely that record." --Razorcake

"What Hi Ho Silver, Away! has created is an album that does not steal parts from other bands. Hi Ho Silver, Away! at their core are an original band that uses punk rock as an outlet for this angst they have developed for the human condition. They don’t have to sound like or cop parts from others. They play music for music’s sake." --New Noise Magazine

Recorded and mixed by Alex Estrada at Earth Capital.
Album Art by Simon Sotelo

This is a run of 500 LPs--300 black, 100 clear (Secret Pennies version), 100 white (It's Alive version). Every LP comes with a digital download code.

Chore by Hi Ho Silver, Away!